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#1 Posted : Monday, February 5, 2018 3:49:21 PM(UTC)

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Build: 6.6.16355.6607
Status: Pre-Release
Channel: Early Access Canary

  • Create Chrome OS screen-sharing application
  • Polish UI for Setup Wizard pages
  • Updated activity type text for database maintenance actions
  • Reduce lower bound for ping time milliseconds in endpoint manager to address sessions with 30 second flap interval
  • Open the session group popout panel on right-click of session group name
  • Add the ability to include custom parameters in OAuth2.0 requests
  • Send the user to the host page when they initially Login via the guest page
  • Give administrator ability to invalidate all web application sessions
  • Set SecurityPanel.DisplayNameVisible to true by default
  • Do not select "AddedNote" by default under the "Delete All Events events older than 30 days" action plan
  • Prevent long load times for clients with a large all machines group
  • Add transition animation on load of content
  • Add ability to revoke all host passes before time is up
  • Improve Keyboard Navigation Options for the Host Page
  • Add ability to run tools elevated from Host page
  • Improve the responsiveness of querying the Audit Log when doing so by a large time interval
  • Improve rendering times for audit log (client-side) through css
  • Raise SmtpClientTimeoutMilliseconds default setting
  • Reduce indentation on sub-session groups
  • Disable or remove the uninstall and uninstall + end commands for Android unattended devices
  • Remember the last detail tab opened per session type when moving between them
  • Enable the icon in safari bookmarks

Fixed Issues:
  • Audit log without any results gives no message
  • Blank screen text not positioned correctly on guest machines with at least one monitor in portrait mode
  • Firefox/IE browsers fail to display the host page correctly when a new support session is created
  • Audit page elements containing lengthy event data entries are not formatted properly
  • Google helper uses deprecated API and fails to return search results with message "Unauthorized access to internal API"
  • Cloud users can delete all roles, which prevents cloud account admin from accessing the instance
  • Specifying session name in audit log query does not return results from the session connection event table
  • Relay fails to automatically restart with socket exception after completing an action that restarts the services on a mono server
  • In-session file transfer fails to Linux guest with default openjdk9
  • Black Screen connecting to a headless CentOS machine.
  • Incorrect keystroke passed from Chromebook host to Windows Guest
  • Navigation bar overlay appears first on guest page on small screen devices
  • Unable to log into specific cloud instances directly with cloud account administrator credentials
  • Executing rpm --rebuilddb command on machine with client installed reports client header error and removes entry for client package from rpm database
  • Incorrect client behavior when install is created with an incorrectly built client launch parameter string
  • Host page NotificationPanel text is not readable when server uses a dark theme
  • Host presented with duplicate images of guest login screen when connected to multi-monitor Windows 10 guest with monitors blanked
  • Host unable to view Guest's machine if the Guest's monitor is blanked before logging into the remote machine
  • DeleteSessionActivity maintenance action does not delete events from SessionConnectionEvent table
  • Client credentials form error text does not wrap on Windows guest machines using a custom scaling factor
  • Calls to GetHostSessionInfo cause the host page MasterPanel and DetailTabContent to blink
  • MultiSelectionPanel and SingleSelectionPanel state not updated correctly when multiple sessions selected
  • Creating a new support/meeting session replays the left-to-right sliding animation for all sessions in the DetailSelectionPanel
  • Acquiring wake lock via host client sets the same thread execution state on the host machine as is set on the guest machine
  • Setting up the HTTP to HTTPS redirect breaks CSS because it is attempting to find Default.css within the base installation directory
  • Manage Toolbox displays message to drop files, but dropping a file just opens the file
  • StatusPanelCollapse and StatusPanelExpand images are not visible when using a dark theme
  • Exception in transaction.Rollback() hides error that caused rollback
  • Session.ics is missing PRODID, DTSTAMP, and DTSTART properties, which prevents event from being imported into Google Calendar
  • Cancelling the lasso/cross feature in the helper control occasionally causes the client to flicker if there is another application behind it
  • Calls to reporting API fail on mono servers
  • Join panel renders empty until result of GetAccessToken is received
  • Unable to send email via Office365 SMTP from mono server
ScreenConnect Team
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#2 Posted : Wednesday, February 14, 2018 7:32:34 PM(UTC)

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Joined: 4/27/2016(UTC)
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Build: 6.6.16355.6607
Status: Pre-Release
Channel: Preview


Build: 6.6.16563.6619
Status: Pre-Release
Channel: Canary

  • Add a setting to SAML config modal that accepts a data uri containing the SP's metadata
  • Correct terminology in OAuth2 elements
  • Require 6 character password for forms users by default
  • Add a representational image of the currently selected theme
  • Set Welcome Panel to a fixed height
  • Disable PrintInSession permission for all support session groups under the default roles
  • Update logo to the CW Control Box logo: client resources
  • Open the corresponding tab of a session action when invoking it via the session list menu
  • Update session type explanation under Support, Meet and Access to clarify their meanings

Fixed Issues:
  • Edit Schedule Modal Dialog Save button have wrong width
  • Quickly switching into a different session after typing sometimes results in a stuck keypress to a Java guest
  • App fails to load sites hosted by mono server using Let's Encrypt cert
  • arge session groups do not load in Edge browser, version 40.15063
  • Login button loading animation does not stop if user clicks on it with an empty password.
  • Able to edit Code and Make session public even if you don't have the "EditSession" permission
  • Need to show logo on Guest page when width < 520px
  • TimeSpan change to GetAccessToken in ServerCryptoManager breaks backwards compatibility with any extension calling into the previously defined method
  • Edge browser does not display login button animation on click
  • Left navbar and potentially other parts of web ui need to have user-select: none
ScreenConnect Team
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